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Specialists in high-rise facade remedial works

With over 50 years of expert experience in high rise glass repairs, we are one of Australia’s industry leaders.

Specialising in all aspects of facade maintenance

Glaziers.com Projects is proud to be an Australian company with a history dating back 50 years. With humble beginnings as a small glazing company, we now have branches in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, delivering projects large and small; from a ground floor re-glaze to a full facade’s cladding replacement. We consider ourselves to be one of the leading pioneers in this industry, with Safety and Quality as our top priorities.

Extreme Glazing

We primarily specialise in the construction, maintenance and repair of large scale glazing projects and have over the years developed an impressive client portfolio.

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Facade Auditing

We are increasingly becoming building managers’ first choice for conducting routine facade audits to monitor and maintain the condition of their high rise building. Annual inspections allow areas of concern to be identified before they become an expensive issue.

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Cladding Replacement

Across Australia, building owners and managers have been dealing with a crisis with residential and commercial high rises being found with defects due to dangerous combustible cladding. Many buildings across the country have potentially flammable exterior cladding, which we can assist with!

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Facade Remedial Works

With continual exposure to climate conditions and pollutants, the materials used around a buildings facade are susceptible to deterioration or failure. Following a routine facade audit (which we can conduct for you), there are often a number of issues to rectify, with a varying level of urgency.

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Height Access

A professional abseil team is always available through Glaziers.com Projects for all your rope access services. The majority of our rope access technicians also hold a certificate in glass and glazing or another trade, making them trusted experts in all forms of working at heights.

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Glaziers.com is an industry-leading company, successfully delivering projects across Australia.

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Great pride is taken from ensuring that we provide the best level of service available at all stages of our work; from your initial enquiry to the completion of your job.